New blocks repository: SB-DUO

Isuru Liyanage and Melanie Courtot have created a first version of an {S}[B] SchemaBlocks representation for the DUO Data Use Ontology standard:

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Notes about SchemaBlocks for HCA

At the January 28 call of the Human Cell Atlas, Michael Baudis gave a brief introduction about the SchemaBlocks project and its role in GA4GH.

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SchemaBlocks Presentations at GA4GH Boston

At the Discovery work stream session of the 7th GA4GH plenary, several presentations were centered around SchemaBlocks or the use of it as a resource to drive project development:

  • Isuru Liyanage: {S}[B] Overview and the Phenopackets Conversion Project [PDF]
  • Anthony Brooks: Automatable Discovery & Access Metadata ADA-M …v2 (“DUAD”) [PDF]
  • Michael Baudis: SchemaBlocks Repository Structure [PDF]

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SchemaBlocks at GA4GHconnect

During the first day of the 2019 GA4GHconnect meeting we had an open discussion session about the perceived need and future directions of the {S}[B] initiative. The slides used in the discussion recapitulate some of the reasoning and open questions related to {S}[B].

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Schemablocks Presentation at GA4GH Steering Committee Meeting

At the January Steering Committee Meeting of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, Michael Baudis presented the concepts and history of the Schemablocks initiative. The slides can be accessed through the link below.

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